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Carnarvon Gorge

As keen adventurers, four-wheel drivers and campers always looking for a weekend away, Christmas time and a short workshop closure for Johnson’s 4WD Repair Shop meant we could venture further than just a couple of hours away for the weekend. Approximately 5hrs west of Rockhampton, we landed at the Takaraka Bush Resort at Carnarvon Gorge for six nights of camping bliss.

Takaraka Bush Resort has wonderful and accommodating managers as well as great facilities. Unlike other family friendly parks which cater to children at movie time, Takaraka saw some great Australian flicks for all ages ranging from The Castle to Red Dog. 

In Summer, Takaraka considers itself ‘off peak’ and when questioned why, the heat was determined to be the most considerable factor. We thought ourselves lucky to get a camping spot for so many nights in such a beautiful location just after Christmas however, this does definitely appear to be the least popular time of year to visit as the park was scarcely occupied. This had an added bonus for us though as there were no lines for bathrooms, showers or the laundry and there was an immense amount of space to relax in. 

On the topic of heat, we can honestly say that the majority of the time spent there had lovely weather and the nights were beautiful. The only real struggle on the occasional day was between 10amish and 4pmish and this could be easily overcome with a swim, fans, misting sprays or a lunch time shower.

To tackle the sites of the gorge, it is best to plan your trip and daily distances well. There is so much to see and explore it can be easy to head off track and run out of water or food if the plan wasn’t maintained and we came across a few holidayers in this boat. 

To see absolutely everything would be close to a 30km walk. Some on flat ground and some quite rocky and hilly. There is fantastic signage and information available to assist you in planning your adventure to suit you and your family’s fitness. For us with a 5-year-old, the 12km hike was really stretching the friendship and this was our longest hike of the trip. 

As a keen and self-titled, ‘Amateur Smartphone Videographer’, I took great pleasure in capturing our moments in Carnarvon Gorge in short video stories which you can find on our YouTube channel. The link to each video is below:

Setting up camp and exploring our surroundings (2mins 43secs)
12km Hike to the Art Gallery and Wards Canyon (5min 2secs)
Recovery day and a visit to the Rock Pools (1min 37secs)
10km Hike to the Amphitheatre and Moss Garden (3mins 54secs)
3km Hike to Mickey Creek and an afternoon at the Rock Pools (3mins 11secs) 

Many thanks to Takaraka Bush Resort ( for their hospitability and facilities, and to Tap Edit Go ( for teaching me the skills to capture and compile these moments on my smart phone.