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Nissan Patrol Y62 – Preparing for MORE adventures!

In the next few months, the Johnson’s 4WD Nissan Y62 Patrol will be heading to the Simpson Desert. Nathan will join ten other vehicles in convoy from Nidigully out to the Simpson Desert and back again with approximately 20 Scouts.

This prompted a deep dive into how the Y62 is set up and what impeding maintenance it required before heading off on an adventure. The last major trip to the Northern Territory was completed in June/July 2021. While the vehicle is still relatively young, the stresses and pressure on the suspension and drivetrain have taken its toll on the original bushes. A close look at these bushes in the rear showed that they had fatigued and started to crack and split.

This was cause for an upgrade in the suspension. The control arms in the rear have all been upgraded to SuperPro bushes, and a Dash Off-Road suspension lift was sourced and installed front and rear. With the extra height, we were able to increase the tyres. We fit the Federal Xplora RT tyres to ensure we maintain excellent traction on and off the road with added sidewall protection and durability.

Another item on the agenda was installing a dual-battery system. Nathan had been considering options and ideas for quite some time. Having seen other Y62 setups, it was time to combine the research and ideas. Having sourced all the electrical components from Hulk 4×4, the gear list is below.

With a permanent 12v system in place, the fit-out of other items was on the cards as well. This included awning lights, tailgate lights, communication devices, a recovery winch and an air compressor.

  • Hulk 4×4 DCDC Charger
  • Hulk 4×4 Flush mount Anderson plug and volt gauge
  • Hulk 4×4 Dual USB outlets
  • Hulk 4×4 8-way Switch Panel
  • Neuton Power Slimline Li-ion 100ah battery
  • Stedi Rock Lights – Roof Rack mounted and tailgate-mounted
  • Starlink Roam satellite Wi-fi Broadcaster*
  • Permanent mounted 12v air compressor*
  • Hulk 4×4 9500lbs Synthetic Rope winch*
  • Single drawer and fridge slide*

*At the time of publishing, these items are still to arrive.

While this won’t be the end of the equipment list for the Y62, the intention is to set it up as a competent touring/tow vehicle. One that can be fully self-sufficient with or without a caravan or camper trailer in tow.

If you would like to see our progress, stop by the workshop, and Nathan can show you the setup, and we can design a solution tailored to your needs if you’re in the market for an upgrade to prepare for adventure.