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Frequency of Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle servicing on time is critical in ensuring your families safety and your vehicle’s reliability. The frequency of set monthly intervals or kilometers ensures that as well as a service, a safety check can also be conducted with risks and issues identified and rectified quickly by your trusted mechanic. If there are several items that need attention, your mechanic can help you prioritise each item and create an action plan to mitigate the risks of a negative impact. 

To ensure optimum performance of your vehicle and economical viability, common parts that wear and degrade over time need replacing. Some of these items include oil and filters, brake pads, spark plugs, belts and injectors to name a few. Regular servicing also provides added benefits such as fuel efficiency, smoother engine performance and tyre checks to prevent and reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel consumption. 

One of the most common misconceptions in the industry by consumers is that it is one or the other, either time or kilometers. This is simply not true as the two-work hand in hand together. With vehicles that do minimal kilometers, it could take years for kilometers to accrue. Meanwhile, the oil is aging, and the filter is not working as efficiently as possible resulting in extra pressure on the motor when it is driven, as well as missed safety items that need attention either immediately or in the near future.

If your vehicle does the kilometers well and truly before the monthly interval recommended, it is just as critical to do the servicing more frequently and as required per the kilometers. With a high frequency use vehicle, preventative maintenance such as servicing and safety checks is key to ensuring vehicle reliability. Regular servicing makes the difference when it comes to the vehicle running smoothly or breaking down unexpectedly which quite often results in expensive and unexpected repairs. 

Independent workshops often go the extra mile with your vehicle and perform action items above and beyond the vehicle manufacturers recommendations. Tasks such as cooling system pressure testing, spare tyre checks, replacing low value items such as windscreen wipers and in general assessing your vehicle holistically for safety and reliability, ensures you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands. 

Basic oil and filter changes including safety checks start at $149. 

With one on one service you can trust, quality and affordable workmanship, online booking options, free pick up and drop off as well as text message service reminders sent by Johnson’s 4WD Repair Shop, the maintenance of your vehicle is made easy and hassle free.