This 2018 Nissan Patrol Y62 has been modified to go adventuring. It is by no means a show car with perfectly detailed paint, it is driven off road and sees this type of action regularly.

You will find dents and scratches mainly on the protective bush barriers, but there has been occasions that  the barriers have not covered that area.

The engine and driveline are standard Nissan V8 5.6ltr and 7sp automatic transmission. It has a Pacemaker "King Brown” cat back 3” stainless exhaust. The suspension is Nissan standard HBMC Shocks and struts with Dash OffRoad Lower control arms that lift the struts 2” and ARB rear coils with Polyair Airbags to assist load carrying.

Up front is an Ironman Deluxe Bullbar equiped with Ultra Vision Nitro Max 180 LED Spotlights, GME UHF antenna and RFI 4G Celfi Antenna.

Wheels are 18x9” Dirty Life wrapped in Federal Tyres Explora R/T in 35x12.50R18.

The Clearview Compact towing mirrors enable us to see wider of the car back to our caravan and beyond.

We have communication sorted with our GME XRS UHF radio, Celfi 4g and Starlink Roam. All set up to enable us to communicate with anyone we need to when traveling in the most remote outback areas.

On the roof is a Rhino-Rack Pioneer Backbone system, this has given us the capability to mount our jerry cans, swags and this is where our Starlink Dishy is permanently mounted, and any other items we need to carry when out adventuring.

After a little mishap in Lorella Springs Northern Territory we fitted a Dash OffRoad rear aluminium bar colour coded to the car. Still in the plastic bumper you will find evidence of that bruise.

In the rear of the car is where you will find the auxiliary 12v system, there is a 100Ah Lithium battery, Hulk 4x4 DCDC charger, Hulk 4x4 8 way switch panel, HULK 4X4 2000w pure sine inverter, HULK 4X4 flat mount accessory plugs, Clearview Easy Slide fridge access system and Waeco fridge. All the wiring and fuses all hidden under the floor.

I am very sure there is more we can put in there, but for now we have a very reliable capable off-road and touring vehicle.


The Mods

  • Ultra Vision Nitro Max 180 LED Spotlights
  • GME 4700 series UHF Antenna
  • RFI Celfi 4g Antenna
  • Ironman 4x4 Bullbar
  • Bush Barriers -Custom Design
  • Clearview Compact Towing Mirrors
  • Federal Explora RT Tyres
  • Dirty Life Alloy Wheels 18"
  • Dash Off Road 2” Suspension Lift
  • Polyair Suspension Airbags
  • Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Roof Rack
  • Rhino-Rack tie-down accessories
  • Jerry can holder
  • 23Zero Falcon 270° Awning - sidewalls
  • Starlink Roam
  • STEDI rock lights
  • Quad lock phone mount
  • GME XRS 330 with GPS locating
  • Clearview easy slide
  • Waeco CFX Fridge
  • 12v system 100Ah Litium Battery
  • Hulk 4x4 DCDC
  • HULK 4X4 8 way switch panel
  • HULK 4X4 2000w pure sine inverter
  • Single drawer

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